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Supply and sale of Auto Parts by Car Wreckers in Auckland

We are car wreckers from Auckland. We offer our services to owners of old cars who want to sell their cars and get rid of them. We also purchase the auto parts and supply them to the clients who have such demands. There is a lot of demand in the market for the various auto parts of different vehicles. We purchase and supply auto parts of vehicles from many different brands.

The condition of the Auto Parts:

Just as we purchase the old cars in any condition, the same policy applies for the purchase of old auto parts as well. The auto parts can be partially or fully non-functional, damage, or inside a junk car. We try to salvage the parts. We pay a good price in exchange for such parts. We accept auto parts of cars from European, American, Korean brands, etc. There is a lot of demand for parts from vehicle brands like Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, etc. These auto parts may or may not have a warranty. We also purchase auto parts with limited warranty. We cater to such demands of our clients across various places.

Sale of Auto parts:

We sell old and used auto parts to our customers who have demands for these parts. We also salvage working and good quality auto parts from old, scrap and junk cars. We have a team of professionals who have many years of experience in the automotive industry. Their experience enables them to choose the parts and service them correctly. We take care that the old auto parts go through ample tests and examination to ensure that they are safe for use by our customers. We only sell the parts if we are sure that they will be safe and last long.

Type of Auto Parts That we sell

Body Panels * Lights * Mag Wheels * Seats * Glass * Engines * Gearboxes * Alternators * Starters * Distributors * Suspension * and many more.

How is this approach good for the environment?

The quality of the environment is constantly deteriorating due to the emission of harmful substances and gases from the factories and heavy industries. The automotive industry also contributes in a major way to the high level of pollutants present in the atmosphere.

When we purchase old cars and auto parts, we use the policy of ‘refuse, reuse and recycle’ which is essential to conserve the purity of the environment. By salvaging, servicing and using old products like the auto parts from old cars we reduce the need for new products. In cases where cars may not be working due to a faulty part, the functional part from an old car can be used as a replacement. This allows the car to work and ensures full or maximum utilization of the resources. In this way, factories do not have to produce more products which reduce harmful emissions and releases pressure on natural resources.

Call us now to avail of our services:

You can call us on any of our contact numbers 0800 305 040 to buy or sell old car parts. We assure you that we will offer you a great deal along with good quality.

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