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BNZ Wreckers Wrecking Services
If you have an old car that you want to get rid of, call us right away. Now you do not have to worry about advertising your car for sale or repairing it from time to time. You don’t even need to sell the car for a loss. We will offer you a great price for your car. The condition of the car does not matter. You can just sit and relax while you make money from the sale of your old car.

Get rid of your old vehicle and we’ll even pay you for it!

We offer you easy and hassle-free services to sell your car for cash. All you need to do is simply give us a call. Our company representative will attend to all your needs and doubts. We will gather all the necessary information about your car and give you a quotation for the price as soon as possible. The price quotation is completely free of cost. We arrange for our professionals to pay you the price in cash, not a cheque. This is done to avoid any delay in payment. We also offer car removal services to help your free space from your garage or residence and make space for a new car.

Why should you choose to sell your car for cash over other alternatives?

Selling your car to us is not only economically beneficial for you but also environmentally friendly. This is we use the cars to build new cars and repair old cars. The various auto parts and materials that are present in the cars come into good use. The parts come into use as replacements in cars that are otherwise in good working condition.

Environment-friendly option

The higher the amount of repair work, the lesser the requirement for the manufacture of new cars and auto parts. If there is lesser manufacturing, the factories will produce low amounts of harmful emissions and hazardous by-products. Moreover, lower production will also mean less pressure on natural resources. All in all, it helps to conserve the environment and save it from further deterioration.

We also offer services to pay Cash for Second Hand Auto Parts

We offer our services for the removal, dismantling, and recovery of old cars and their auto parts. We buy cars of various brands like Honda, Mazda, Ford, etc. We buy and supply parts like air filters, brakes, wheels, etc. We buy cars in any condition like accidentals, non-functional cars, and scrap cars. Our facilities of free pick up of vehicles along with free price quote and cash payment offer a hassle-free experience for the owners of the old cars. You can call us for quick cash for car services.

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